The Insurance Chronicles of Mitch Mitchell (Episode 7) Why Have An Insurance Review?

March 22, 2016

In my blog last month, I announced all of the new changes that we made to Nsurance Nation. The goal was to improve on our already great service and we did just that by all of the great new services we are now providing for our customers. Usually, in March, people do “spring cleaning” across the country, so this month I want to talk about something that you may or may not have ever considered doing.

Many times when we purchase insurance, we rest in the fact that we have insurance. We automatically renew without having an insurance review. This brings me to an important question, have you had a review of your entire insurance portfolio? If you answered, “no”, then you could be spending money that you do not have to spend. Because we now offer so many new insurance services and because we were so successful at saving our customers money on their auto insurance. We decided to branch out and work on saving our customers even more money on their other policies. Can you imagine how much money our customers are going to save once we review their insurance portfolio? We offer so many policies that will meet our customers’ needs, so it is easy to image the ways that we can not only be sure the customer has the best policy, we can play a major role in the savings that add up. Since this is all still so new, here are the types of insurance we offer: auto insurance, commercial auto insurance, general liability homeowners insurance, renters insurance, life insurance, boat insurance and motorcycle insurance. If you do not see the type of insurance you need, then please contact us and find out if we offer it. If we do not offer it, we can certainly connect you to an insurance company that will offer you quality service and help to meet your needs.

In the meantime, I want to share more about having an insurance review. I must point out again, that having an insurance review could save you money. You could be spending more money on your insurance then you realize. It does happen. There are people, today who are paying for insurances that they do not need. Because Nsurance Nation has been dedicated to saving its customers money for years, we continue to encourage our customers and those of you who are not our customers to take advantage of our free insurance review.

Many customers are paying for insurance riders that are not needed. Nsurance Nation wants to help as many people as possible save money, by educating them about their policies. The good part is this only takes a few minutes.
Another reason to have an insurance review, is to find out if your policies are up to date. There may be new drivers in the house such as a teenager who’s now of driving age or less drivers in the house such as a teenager who has now become an adult, moved away from home, purchased their own car and they now have their own insurance. Of course, that means they no longer have to be on your policy. There are a host of reasons as to why you want to have an insurance review far too many to list in this blog.

However, contact us at Nsurance Nation and we will certainly be happy to give you more reasons for having a free insurance review. Imagine getting something free that could possibly boost your income’s bottom line by saving you money.

One of the best ways to choose an insurance company is to find out about its commitment to the customer. This is why we have posted comments and videos from real customers that Nsurance Nation has provided with quality service. Insurance is a costly, but necessary thing, but it doesn’t have to be. I guess, the only question is, if I knew someone was going to save me money, help me provide the best protection for my family, and it was absolutely free, why wouldn’t I do it? Of course you would. That is what an insurance review can do for you.

Here’s a suggestion, look at your schedule, carve out 15 minutes or less, fill out the “Get Multiple Quotes” section on this website, and when we contact you, let us know that you want a free insurance review. It is that simple. Nothing is more exciting than saving customers money and all my years of experience in the insurance business has shown me that getting an insurance review, canpay off big in more ways than one. Remember, our goal is to help you protect the things that you care about.

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I appreciate the team at Nsurance Nation working with me to get me not only great coverage, but the coverage at a very affordable price. -ZS

— Z. Stein