The Insurance Chronicles From Mitch Mitchell (Episode 4)

November 11, 2015

The Insurance Chronicles of Mitch Mitchell (Episode 4)
Stolen Vehicle, Rental Car Drama – Agent to the Rescue

Having the car insurance protection you need is great, but having the right agent is more important than most policy holders realize. You get a policy number and that proves your policy is legitimate and your car is insured; however, it is about more than the car and you are more than a policy number. Think about it, for a moment. If you have ever had to call your insurance company or file a claim, one of the first things customer service will ask is for your policy number. After that, questions and instructions follow. Sounds easy enough, but when you have answered the questions, followed the instructions and you still find yourself stressing out, because in spite of doing your part, you realize you are going to run out of cash, what do you do? In other words, after adding up your out of pocket expenses, that being without your car is going to cost you, you get stressed over trying to figure out what to do next. Here’s the quick answer: Call your insurance agent, fast!

This actually happened to a customer. Here is the true story of how the insurance agent came to the rescue. The customer’s insured car was stolen. It was eventually found, but the car was damaged. It was going to take several weeks to repair the car. The insured customer had been paying for a rental for two weeks, out of pocket and could not pay any longer. The customer contacted her agent, quickly. She had been a customer for 14 years. She asked if the adjuster would reimburse the money she had spent, immediately, so she could continue to pay for her rental car for the remainder of the 30 days, because she still needed a car. The repair shop had slowed down on repairing the car, because they had not received the proposal approval from the adjuster. There were several challenges that needed to be solved for the customer. In case you’re wondering why she did not communicate with the adjuster instead of her agent, it is because the adjuster was somewhat rude and mostly non-responsive. Things were not getting done.

Once the customer made me aware of her situation, I sprang into action. Having an agent who can connect with the right people to prevent or minimize the customer’s stress is almost priceless. Needless to say, I solved all of the customer’s issues as soon as possible. While she was at work and taking care of other important things, I was solving her stolen vehicle, rental car drama and I was happy to deliver efficient results.

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