The Insurance Chronicles From Mitch Mitchell (Episode 3)

October 5, 2015

Your Policy is As Good As Your Agent

Florida is beautiful. We have gorgeous palm trees, warm sun, and inviting beaches, but there is a dark side to the Sunshine State. It is called hurricanes and that season is here. Have you gotten policies to “protect the things you care about” in your living environment? Do you have the right car or home insurance? Do you have an agent that can help you when or if a crisis hits? Are you really ready for hurricane season? says that “hurricane season is looking lower than average”, but who really knows what the hurricane season will bring? It is best to be prepared and the right agent can help with that.

I remember two sisters who lived in Pensacola, Florida that were my clients. They ran a successful home-based business on the first floor of their home. One day a hurricane hit their area. It was hurricane Ivan, a category 5 storm that was one of the most memorable storms in 2004. Needless to say, Ivan wreaked havoc and the two sisters’ home was severely damaged. The first floor, where their business was located was flooded and their business had to be temporarily shut down. Having to move to a hotel, the sisters ran out of money, quickly. In a panic they called my office and explained their dire straits. We took action immediately and the very next day, they received a check for $40,000 to help cover their living expenses until they could get their business operational, again.

There are hundreds of stories of disaster striking and policyholders having to wait days to get some financial relief. The two sisters were about to be one of those unpleasant stories. They had done everything the right way, as far as their insurance policy was concerned, yet they still ran into a roadblock. When they called me, I immediately made their situation a priority. I was on the phone within seconds solving the problem. I was happy to help them, because I value all of my customers and quality service is something I take personally. The two sisters got their financial relief, in less than 24 hours. Of course, I cannot help but wonder how many others did not get the help needed in a timely manner. That day I realized it is about more than the policies we may have. The truth is the policy is only as good as the insurance agent.

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