The Insurance Chronicles From Mitch Mitchell (Episode 1)

August 10, 2015

The Insurance Chronicles from Mitch Mitchell, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Nsurance Nation, (Episode 1)

Are you willing to pay $.62 cents a day to protect your personal belongings (electronics, clothing, furnishings, pots and pans)?

My family lived in Greensboro, North Carolina for five years; we had a family friend who was renting an apartment. She decided to purchase a home in the area where she lived and she found a new subdivision where she wanted to build a home. The construction was going to take approximately six months to complete. After all the paperwork was signed to start building her new home, she got excited about the possibility of owning her first home. She started getting her life set up to make the transition from renting an apartment to owning her own home.

In her excitement she called her insurance agent and explained that she no longer needed renter’s insurance, and the insurance agent, with her instructions cancelled her renter’s insurance policy.
In most cases that would have been the end of the story, but not in this case. While she was waiting for the construction to be completed on her new home, she had a fire in her apartment which caused $6,000 in damage to the apartment. This amount did not include the damage to her personal belongings.
After accessing the damage to her apartment, the apartment complex owners sent her a bill for the $6,000 for the damages to her apartment (which she had to pay or run the risk of damage to her credit; which could have caused problems with the purchase of her new home).

If you live in an apartment where you are a tenant, you are responsible for any damage to your personal belongings, the inside walls, floors, fixtures and any damage that you cause your neighbors. For approximately $225.00 per year you can purchase renter’s insurance that will protect you from almost any event subject to insurance while you are living as a tenant in a rented dwelling. This also includes protection for your personal property anywhere in the world.

If you are willing to pay $.62 cents a day for renter’s insurance, call me, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Nsurance Nation at 904-731-7707 so I can tell you how to protect your personal belongings.
Look for more tips from Mitch, the Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at Nsurance Nation soon.

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