Jacksonville’s Growth Means Many Need Renters Insurance

June 14, 2022

Have you just moved to Northeast Florida? Welcome home! You are now living in a region that enjoys an abundance of natural resources, great climate, plenty of shopping, a robust job market, and many dining and entertainment options. 

Although renters insurance may be the last thing on your mind, there are many reasons why it should be a priority. As you are getting settled in, we highly recommend adding one important task to your new resident checklist: obtaining a renters insurance policy.

The U.S News and World Report just came out with its latest Best Places list. Out of 150 metro areas in the United States, Jacksonville placed #24 in Best Places to Live, #26 in Best Places to Retire, #4 in Best Places to Live in Florida, and #14 in Fastest-Growing Places in the United States.    

Jacksonville is no longer the well-kept secret it once was. According to the latest U.S Census, the city grew by 138,000 people, beating all other Florida cities including Orlando, Tampa, and Miami. 

With its growing popularity, it is not surprising that Jacksonville’s real estate market is sizzling hot. With single family homes experiencing record low inventory, there is a great demand for multi-family housing. 

All of these new residents need a place to live and investors and developers have been busy. Everywhere one drives it seems,  there are new apartment projects going up. If you are looking to move to Jacksonville or its outlying areas including St. John’s and Nassau Counties, there are a variety of apartment homes available to suit any style and budget.   

If you have already found your new home, congratulations! It’s a lot of work to move but it is also fun to feather a new nest and make discoveries in your newly adopted hometown. Suddath has a comprehensive Jacksonville moving guide  and we also suggest visiting the City of Jacksonville’s website to keep up with all of the many events going on throughout the city.

Why Get Renters Insurance?

Renters Insurance is Affordable

Renters insurance is a great value. Many people do not realize how affordable it is. The cost of renters  insurance depends on location and the amount of coverage you choose and in many cases a renters insurance policy will cost less than $200 a year (or around $15 a month). Reach out to us for an accurate quote that meets your needs and situation.   

Protect Your Personal Property

Many tenants believe that their landlord’s policy will protect their belongings. The homeowners policy will protect the owner’s building and structure but typically will not cover the tenant’s belongings. 

Your renters insurance policy will cover personal belongings that are stolen or damaged from fire, lightning, smoke, vandalism, faulty water pipes, or other certain natural disasters (*note, not all natural disasters will be covered and Nsurance Nation will go over this with you).     

Family Liability Protection

Renters insurance in Jacksonville will protect your financial assets in the event someone gets injured in your home. It may cover a visitor’s medical expenses. If you or a member of your household accidentally injures a guest, the liability protection will also pay the landlord for any damages caused by negligence.     

Living Expenses During Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage is a great option to have. If you are forced to temporarily move out of your home while it is getting repaired, this coverage will cover your costs of living during this time. 

Important Coverage Gaps Filled

Renters insurance in Jacksonville fills gaps you might not have thought of. For example, if your car is broken into and personal items are stolen, your auto policy will not cover these items but your renters insurance will.  

Protection When You Are On-The-Go

Your renters insurance not only protects your belongings inside your home but will also protect belongings (such as your  laptop) that get stolen when you are visiting your neighborhood coffee shop or traveling on vacation.  Your agent will be able to go over the specifics of what is covered.  

The Value and Benefits of Renters Insurance in Jacksonville Stack Up

We are confident you now see the value of getting renters insurance. As a new resident, we know how busy you are. We make getting affordable renters insurance in Jacksonville convenient and easy. 

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