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Renters Insurance in Jacksonville

If you rent a place to live, you may not think that you need insurance, but you do. It is unlikely that your landlord's liability insurance will pay to replace the belongings you may lose in the event of fire, theft, vandalism, storms or even faulty pipes. In the event a disaster strikes, you could be left with nothing and zero compensation to help you replace the lost contents. Through the provisions in your renters insurance in Jacksonville, you can opt for contents to be covered for their replacement cost or actual cost value that includes depreciation.

Understanding the Value of Renter's Insurance

Many renters don't even know that affordable renters insurance exists. But, considering the protection it provides, renters insurance is valuable and comprehensive and quite affordable. Some of the policy provisions can include:

  • Personal Property Coverage. Renters insurance pays for contents, belongings and other things in your home against the risk of covered loss. The cause of your loss can range from storm damage, faulty water pipes, vandalism, damage from riots, explosion, fire, hail or theft as well as other event types.
  • Personal Liability Coverage. Renters insurance in Jacksonville protects you financially if someone is injured in your home, condominium, townhouse or apartment. Personal liability insurance will also pay the landlord or property owner for damage caused by a renter's negligence.
  • Additional Living Expense. The renters insurance option for loss-of-use coverage provides payment of the additional costs of living that are incurred by the policy holder should they become temporarily displaced and forced to move while the rental property is being repaired.
  • Family Liability Protection. If you are injured on the property you are renting, renters insurance does not provide for medical payments. However, affordable renters insurance may have provisions to pay for a guest's medical expenses if you or resident family member accidentally injures someone.

Affordable Protection That Matters

Even though you don't own a home, unexpected events can happen that can create an immediate need for insurance coverage. Landlord insurance is designed to help protect the owner's dwelling, while you, the renter, are usually responsible for protecting the belongings you keep inside. Similarly, while landlord insurance may offer liability protection for the policyholder, that protection typically does not extend to tenants. Renters insurance protects both property risks and liability risks as well as provide defense against liability claims. Plus, renters insurance in Jacksonville fills important coverage gaps. For example, if your car is ever broken into and personal items stolen, your car insurance will not cover the loss but your renters insurance will. At Nsurance Nation, quotes for renters insurance are easy to obtain and a policy delivers an excellent return on investment.

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