Fire Insurance Jacksonville

It is never a good idea to assume anything about insurance coverage. It can be devastating to learn that a particular peril is covered by your homeowners insurance when it is not. If you own rental property, a seasonal home or have a vacant building, you need to make sure you have adequate fire insurance Jacksonville. Many homeowners are shocked when they discover that secondary buildings, sheds, barns, horse stables, detached garages, etc. are not covered by their existing insurance. If you run a home business from an outlying structure, it could be devastating to lose your building and equipment.

Affordable Dwelling Fire Policies

Dwelling fire insurance Jacksonville is often the answer for obtaining various levels of coverage for outlying structures, detached workshops, vacant homes, and in some cases, condominiums. Listed are three types of dwelling fire policies:

  • DP-1 Dwelling Fire Insurance. This least expensive option for fire insurance is issued with limited coverage. Typically, it does not include damage due to vandalism, theft or water.
  • DP-2 Dwelling Fire Insurance. This option provides more coverage (replacement cost) than a standard DP-1 policy which pays based on cash value. DP-2 dwelling insurance usually excludes theft.
  • DP-3 Dwelling Fire Insurance. This is the most expensive option that includes more perils and pays based on replacement cost. DP-3 may not be available for vacant structures.

If you set something on fire, there may be no structure damage but a great deal of damage from smoke including a lingering odor. Unfortunately, not all fire insurance Jacksonville covers damage that smoke does to a home, building or condo.

Does Your Insurance Cover Sprinkler Damage?

Sprinkler damage can also be an issue when it comes to claims against a fire insurance policy. It can be a costly oversight to assume damage from a sprinkler system is automatically covered. If a lightning strike does damage or starts a fire on your property, will your insurance have you covered? Never guess at what is covered by your fire insurance policy. If your home or property insurance is restrictive, you can usually get more lenient dwelling coverage with a policy written specifically for fire.

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