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With one out of every five businesses doomed to fail within the first five years, launching and running a business is risky at best. That's why having the right commercial insurance is key to ensuring all of your hard work and investments don't suddenly disappear. It doesn't matter if your company is large or small, protecting your assets and investments with Jacksonville business insurance is essential. An affordable commercial insurance plan can protect you and your business from the numerous hidden risks you face every day. Let our experienced staff identify ways to properly insure the unique hazards associated with your business or industry.

Commercial Insurance Protection to Reduce Risks

At Nsurance Nation, we identify any gaps in your coverage before disaster strikes, and help you reduce your risks with affordable commercial insurance protection that may include:

  • General Liability Insurance. Every business needs liability insurance to protect against exposures from another person or business's claims of bodily injury, damage to property, medical costs and more. Commercial liability can also help cover legal expenses related to settlements, litigations and court judgments.
  • Commercial Property Insurance. A commercial property policy for your business or organization helps to insure against damage to your building, property and contents due to a covered loss like fire. Your plan may also cover loss of income or increase in expenses related to the property damage.
  • Business Auto Insurance. Just as you need auto insurance for your personal car, you need the right coverage for your business-owned or leased commercial vehicles. If your employees use their own cars on company business, you should have non-owned auto liability or add the vehicles to your Business Owners Policy.
  • Professional Liability Insurance. Often called Errors and Omission insurance, this Jacksonville business insurance Jacksonville provides coverage for damages not protected by your general liability policy. It specifically protects against damages due to the improper rendering of professional services, such as accountants, lawyers, realtors, etc.
  • Business Owners Policy (BOP). A business owners policy bundles required commercial coverage and may include liability insurance, business-owned vehicle coverage and property or premises insurance as well as business interruption insurance. BOP typically costs less than the total of individual policies.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O). This type of liability insurance covers costs and damages that result from a lawsuit against directors or officers of your company whose managerial decisions and actions resulted in adverse financial consequences. D&O only reimburses defense costs and monetary damages.

Special Business Coverage at Affordable Rates

Some of the insurance carriers that we represent offer special coverage and affordable pricing for insuring specific types of businesses and commercial ventures. Our staff will review your business operations to see if you qualify for special rates that can help to lower your insurance costs. If appropriate, we may recommend an umbrella policy of affordable commercial insurance that provides coverage above the limits of your underlying liability policy and protects against claims not covered by your existing insurance. At Nsurance Nation, we're committed to providing affordable Jacksonville business insurance to keep you and your company well protected.

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