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Florida weather allows ATV owners to stay outside year round. Unfortunately, that increases your risks of being involved in an accident. Whether you have a three-wheel, four-wheel or six-wheel all terrain vehicle, having the right insurance coverage for where and how you ride can be crucial for protecting your investment and assets. The Sunshine State ranks third in the number of ATV accidents annually. Although basic ATV coverage is almost the same as buying motorcycle insurance, there is an increased need to tweak your ATV insurance Jacksonville, Beaches, St. Augustine policy. As an off road enthusiast, the last thing on your mind when riding should be do I have the right financial protection.

Insurance for Your All Terrain Vehicle

When it comes to insuring your all terrain vehicles, it is always a good idea to have an experienced agent by your side. In Florida, ATV insurance sorta resembles an auto insurance policy and kinda works like motorcycle coverage, and may include a mix of the following provisions:

  • ATV Collision Insurance. If you ATV is damaged in a crash or rollover, collision coverage helps pay for repair or replacement. Since it is an off road vehicle, normal dings and scratches are not covered by this provision.
  • ATV Comprehensive Insurance. Comprehensive coverage helps to pay for the repair of damage due to a non-collision event, such as fire or vandalism, as well as replacement of a stolen ATV.
  • ATV Bodily Injury Liability. If someone else is injured in an ATV accident deemed to be your fault, this liability coverage will pay for medical expenses related to their injuries. It also protects your assets in case of legal actions.
  • ATV Property Damage Liability. If someone else's property is damaged by your ATV, this liability coverage will pay for damages as well as protect your assets in case you are sued.
  • ATV Medical Payments Insurance. Approximately 80% of ATV accident injuries are the ATV driver. This coverage helps pay for medical costs related to your injuries.
  • Uninsured ATV Rider Insurance. A large percentage of ATV owners do not have adequate insurance or no insurance at all. Uninsured/underinsured liability coverage will pay for medical expenses, treatments and lost wages.

Keeping Your Off Road Experience Fun

No matter what type of ATV you ride, Nsurance Nation can help you find affordable ATV insurance Jacksonville, Beaches, St. Augustine. In fact, our team is dedicated to helping customers get the protection they need at a price they can afford. There is no denying that riding or driving an all terrain vehicle can be loads of fun, but insurance companies have a different set of rules when it comes to insure the vehicle based on type. That's where our agent's expertise can help you find affordable ATV insurance that will keep every off road experience as fun as the last one. If you own and insure multiple vehicles, there may be discounts that help reduce your costs.

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